In the beginning . . .

Like the peripatetic Socrates, I walk to think, as well as to simply be in the moment.  In about 7 weeks, I’ll get on a plane, destination France, to begin walking the Camino Frances.   I plan to walk a distance that equals walking from Orange Park, FL, where I  live, to New Orleans.  I plan to walk more than 500 miles.

Initial plans were made at the beginning of the year.  I’ve studied and learned, slowly acquiring the gear, the documents and the necessary reservations.    It was all so exciting.   And now that the time is getting closer, the element of terror rears its head from time to time — what was I thinking?

But I know that once I start walking,  I only need to put one foot in front of the other until I’ve crossed the Pyrenees and the border into Spain.   I  will do that over and over and over.  I will take my time, see the countryside, and eventually achieve my goal.

I am pleased you will be providing a bit of company along The Way.  Welcome!

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