Day 2: Exhausted and Exhilarated

20160914_103719.jpg Nothing like seeing giraffes at Heathrow airport.

So, it is almost 11 pm on Wednesday.  Travel took from 1pm Tuesday until 730 pm today:  Jax to Dallas to London to Biarritz.  This is a delightful seaside town.  The salt air smells great, and a significant thunderstorm made it seem cozy.  Very glad I am staying in town rather than at the airport, where I return tomorrow to take a van to St. Jean.  I hope to wake up early enough to sightsee a tiny bit before leaving the coast.

Met a few peregrinos on the flight to Biarritz.  I think we were all tired, nervous and excited.  I hope to see them again, but we’re all getting to our starting point different ways and at different times.

For now, stretching out on my back is luxurious!   I hope someday to fly business class when I go overseas.

I am happy, as the venture begins.


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