St. Jean Pied de Port Sept.15

I made it to the Camino “gateway” this afternoon.   Staying in a wonderful hostel with only 4 beds in my room, 3 women, and private showers.  And we each get a locker and a little shelf with an outlet for charging.

Walked about 7 miles today, hoping that makes tomorrow’s trek up, but not all the way over, the Pyrenees easier than it seems it will be.   This town reminds me a bit of Cusco in Peru, except there are many older people.  Very hilly.  Beautiful.

Found the *best* spice shop.  It smelled so good!  On the drive in, saw signs for the “Rabbit Forest.”  I wish I knew what that is.

To sleep, for tomorrow I trek.20160915_170048_001.jpg20160915_175842_003.jpg20160915_181124_003.jpg

One thought on “St. Jean Pied de Port Sept.15

  1. Love the pictures! What a quaint little town! It sounds like you got some rest and are getting well fed and are eagerly anticipating Tomorrow. Enjoy the trek! and I’m eagerly anticipating your blog to see what’s going on!


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