Cannot believe I’ve been on the Camino for a week!

Yesterday I left Pamplona, passing by the church of St. Francis, whom I’ve always admired.


The moon was high in the sky, but I wasn’t able to capture it in this picture.  Walked through and out of the city into agricultural country.  The animal husbandry is east of the city.

I didn’t see the bull ring – I am glad that many Spaniards are trying to do away with bull fighting.  I suspect the art here is lovely,  judging from the public spaces.



From the road, I was able to see today’s mountain pass.  But first there were suburbs and villages to pass through.  I am not yet up to much more than 10 miles a day, with all the ups and downs.   I stopped in a Basque town named Zariquegui.  Stayed at a weird albergue, but the owners were lovely.   The hermana was a lousy cook, sadly.  I ordered vegetable lasagna and got some sort of soggy green encased in mashed potatoes.   I will usually eat anything when I’m hungry, but this was beyond me!

Left before daybreak today and promptly went the wrong way -UP, of course!  The views, as always,  were stunning.


Too bad I’m no good at breathing hard and taking pictures!

Climbed up to Alto de Perdòn, with the wind turbines, this sculpture,  and a food truck.   Had a wonderful juice: fresh-squeezed orange and banana.


Before I reached the top, I saw many of these little guys.  They were climbing up the grasses.  I wonder if they are harvestd?


On the way down, walked through almond groves and saw these stemless flowers on the ground.  This is them growing  – it may look like they were picked and disgarded, but nope.


Stopped along the way to tend my feet and have a ham and tomato sandwich that I ordered the night before.   A nice break.  Marilyn from Chicago stopped to rest with me.  I have a talent for finding little picnic paradise spots.   Yesterday I rested in another small bit of shade.


Made it through two more villages and decided to stop at El Jardin de Murazabal.  It is lovely here, and the owner is lovely.  I hope dinner will be good, as I’m very hungry.

I’m having issues with my right foot.  I soaked my legs in the very cold pool, but once I started into town to see the local church, I realized something is seriously wrong.  It almost feels like a small bone is fractured.  Am thinking of going back to Pamplona to see a doctor.   Glad I bought travel insurance with full medical!

So, there may be another interruption in walking.  We’ll see.

Hasta mañana.

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