Burgos – Sept. 30th Pics

My first sight of the walled city center


The streets are decked out for the festival of El Cid
I stumbled upon the most amazing indoor perishable food market. There is a regular supermarket on the second floor.
Olives and pickled veggies!
I wish I’d gotten a good picture of the fish stalls. But this is different. And they seem to sell a lot of rabbit,

2 thoughts on “Burgos – Sept. 30th Pics

  1. How beautiful! I loved the cathedral and the market. And so glad you’re eating better. 🙂
    Wondering about your progress and the timing…are you where you wanted or needed to be by this date? I hope you are able to continue at a pace that allows you adequate rest and affords you plenty of sightseeing time!


    • I finally begin walking again today, leaving Burgos within the hour. I am almost where I should be for the itinerary I’d set for myself. And there are always buses! Now that it’s October, it seems like Elizabeth’s visit is drawing close. And that gives me strength, too.


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