Four years ago . . . Beginning September 13th

Four years ago I was en route to Europe, flying to Dallas then London then Biarritz. I was about to embark on what still is the biggest “adventure” of my life, walking the Camino de Santiago. I was full of hope and anxiousness. I am feeling that way today, as well. Only the reason is different.

Four years ago I knew I was walking away from doing election work. I was positive that Hillary was going to win the election. I had no real expectation or even fear that Trump would win. I left the US fully confident that a “normal” politician would win the election.

That has clearly changed. This year I have a sense of dread that I cannot dispel. Every time I’m glared at for wearing a mask; every time I hear someone repudiate scientific facts; every time I watch another cop engage in unnecessary violence to arrest a person of color – each time I fear that our nation is so far divided that we will have a perpetual internal war. I cannot sleep well, am always tired, and believe I look as though 8 years rather than only 4 have passed.

For now, I should not focus on this. I am going to enjoy my memories of that grand adventure. And think about the next grand adventure. My plan is to semi-retire in roughly two years, when I will hopefully be young enough and can be fit enough, to do another walk. Perhaps north in Portugal back to Santiago. Perhaps, instead, I will follow in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi in Italy, or perhaps St. Ignatius in eastern Spain.

In the meantime, I am hoping that the hurricanes will stop coming. The current one is Sally, which makes me think of my friend who loosed the bounds of earth a few months ago. Sally could definitely wreak havoc! She is headed towards New Orleans. Fingers crossed it will dissipate. And, in the meantime, I’m also anticipating cooler weather. I would love to be able to walk Booker (yes, a different dog now) at lunch, but we need much cooler weather for that!

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