Camino Day 3 Sept. 18

This is the obligatory photo outside the monastery today.  Had already walked 25.1 k  over days 1 and 2.  I will make it!


The spirit was willing but the flesh screamed out in pain!   My new friend Olga (Canadian via Holland) and I walked from the monastery this morning, stopping at the first village for “second breakfast”, again in the rain (but not like yesterday ),  and then faced another ascent.


When we got to the second village,  after less than 7 km., we decided to stop for the day at a Casa Rural.  We have our own room, our own bathroom, and a lounge/kitchen.

I think I am still a bit jetlagged, and definitely in need of rest.  I  feel good about takingthat rest. Espinal is a small lovely village.  We went for a pre-siesta dinner, not knowing if we could stay awake for actual dinner.  Three apps, two primos, two desserts, a bottle of wine, one tea one cafe con leche: under 40 €!


Ready to face the ascent and steep descent into Zubiri tomorrow.   After that, it’s on to Pamplona.



3 thoughts on “Camino Day 3 Sept. 18

  1. I am so glad you met someone to travel with! And it’s also good to know you can get such wonderful food on the path. Thinking about you and sending you strength, love and wishes for a fabulous tomorrow 🙂 Love you,


  2. You have this Deborah!! Beautiful pics, the countryside looks wonderful and the food sounds delightful. Looking forward to your posts!!


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