Day 4 – weeble-wobbled into Zubiri

No photos today.

Day began in the same bar where I had dinner last night.  Cafe con leche, potato omelet and water.  Good.  Most of the walk today was through forests, cutting through 2 villages.  Lovely.  But – more ascents followed by a very steep, rocky descent made worse by being at the end of the day.

At one point I sat down on a mossy rock for a pep talk and deep breathing.  I think my guardian angel helped me today. Thanks,  Theresa!

It was truly one foot in front of the other for more than two miles.  Dragged into the town to be confronted by “completo” in the first two albergues Olga and I stopped at.  A lovely Canadian woman and her husband led us another block to a great place where we each got a bottom bunk -a very important consideration when one’s feet are as torn up as mine!

A lovely hot shower made me feel human again.   Got some laughs from a couple of Irish guys in our room.  Now waiting for dinner to open for another pilgrim’s menu.  Hoping for garlic soup again.

Zubiri sightseeing will wait to the morning.   Then it’s on to Pamplona,  either by foot or bus, depending on whether or not the bad blister heals enough.

I appreciate the strength you are sending me.    I think it helps.

5 thoughts on “Day 4 – weeble-wobbled into Zubiri

  1. Hang in there. No rush, just one foot in front of the other. When feeling pain or fatigue, stop and stand up straight, look around at the beauty around you and take a deep breath of gratitude and enjoyment. This will help recharge you!

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  2. Having made many a mountain hike in my day, I feel your pain !
    I have enjoyed reading of your trek and am here to cheer you own. You can do it Deborah, just “take care of those feet.”


  3. So proud of you! Take care of your foot, especially that blister! MOleskin! TAke the bus today and give those tootsies a rest! Bus rides are adventures too- who knows what you will see! YOu can do it! Remember the little engine that could, “I think I can, I think I can!” Proud of you! 😘


  4. I second both of those messages to you. You have some good friends believing in what you are doing, and more importantly, believe in you! You can do it! It’s YOUR journey – make it what ever you want to, in support of yourself and those feet that are carrying you on.
    Love you, and hope you got the garlic soup.:)


  5. Deborah, thank you for allowing us to participate with you in your pilgrimage. I am putting myself in your shoes and recognizing that I have to add an adventure like this to my bucket list. Right now, take care of those feet and as everyone has said thus far, we know you can do it and it is your journey, so what you make of it, if what you should make of it. Happy trials and meaningful reflections will strengthen you along the way.


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