September 29 – Burgos

I caught the 9:30 bus to Burgos and was glad to have bypassed more mountains.  Had a bit of energy, so visited the cathedral first thing.  Glorious place with incredible engineering and architecture.   But whenever I visit churches like this, I ponder the rationale for such concentration of wealth in contrast to the poverty and misery of so many church goers.  I also think about how the artistic value of this wealth factors in.

I will try to add another post of pictures, but here is one of the arches.


Went to my hotel next.  Oh, holy cow – this place is really ostentatious at only €50 for the night!  I have a bidet and a bathtub for the first time this trip, as well as a hair dryer.   I feel like a hippie or a rube in this city of sophisticated people, so I take a shower and use their fancy shampoo.

I must be feeling better because I hit the road again after that to visit this new, wonderful museum on evolution.  There was a major archeological discovery near here that this museum explains.  I took no pictures here, as I was immersed in the learning.

By this time I was very hungry, as I had only eaten last night’s leftovers.  I stopped in at what was an expensive place and had a fabulous multi-course lunch of different fish dishes.   First came a cold fish salad with large chunks of tasty I don’t know what.   Then I had 6 small whole sautéed shrimp.  Then a plate of calamari fried in tempura batter, then the main course of more salad and an incredibly good, thick white fish.  I wish I knew what it was.  This was all so filling that I didn’t have the dessert that comes with, nor could I finish the 2/3 bottle of wine they brought me.  I finished with an espresso, which is what is keeping me up long enough to do some writing.

With that, I’m in for the night.  I’m now taking some weird oral med to clear out my lungs.  Had a long soak in the tub to ease my back muscles that are sore from coughing.  Will go to sleep soon and hope I’m well enough to start walking again.  I am tired of all this aloneness,  but don’t want to stay in an albergue unless I’m walking and not coughing so much.

So, I await the new day with hope.

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