Sick in Spain:Sept.26 – 29

I am beset by  challenges.  After saying goodbye to my friend of 3 days, Nuria, at the bus station in Burgos, I began to sneeze and cough.  I can’t seem to catch a day when everything works relatively well.   I don’t know what I am to learn from this, but I suspect this will keep happening until I  figure it out.  Perhaps it’s just all the stress I’ve carried working itself out.

This is a beautiful tree I saw – and this is by no means a tropical climate.


Spent some time Monday in Logroño visiting churches and walking the streets first of the old town and then to get back to the bus station in the newer part of town.  Am on the bus again, Tuesday to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.  Sto. Domingo is a lovely small town with the bus stop right by a farmacia and a supermercado.  I got a hotel in the block, got some meds, and some food and drink for later.  Walked the strip and had a pizza and lots of water for lunch.  Then, slept.

Wednesday morning I dragged myself out of bed to head downstairs to pay for another night.  Slept all morning.  Went out for a true lunch of seafood soup and lamb chops and, of course, local wine.  Then ent to the cathedral.   I should have takens pictures of the architecture and art, but figured I would find those in books if I ever want to see it again.  But there are 2 things that tickled me.

The first is the rooster that lives in tbe church.  There is a legend behind this as well as a belief that if the cock crows while you’re in the church you’ll have good luck.  Needless to say,  the bird preened but failed to utter a peep!


Second:  outside in the courtyard, there was a tent with a Playskool diorama of tge Camino.  Tee hee!  This is a depiction of the beginning for many people in the Pyrenees.


Took another nap after this and made it out for tapas for dinner.  I think I should be able to move on tomorrow, if only by bus.


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