October 22

It was lightly raining when I awoke, so I decided to have a cafe con leche in the dining room before walking.  I had my laundry done the day prior, and was missing a sock.  No one in the dining room  copped to having one extra, so no telling where it went.  I planned  on shopping for a new pair in the town of Melide.

The rain stopped, the grey skies remained.  Today’s walk was not memorable other than Melide.  Most of the  walk was along roads, and after Cornixa, the path skirted highway much of the  way, even going through an industrial area at one point.  The walk into Melide was long, and uphill once the town itself was visible.  It became a difficult walk for me, as I’d neglected to eat anything for breakfast.  I was hapy to get to Melide for lunch.

Before getting to the commercial area, there was a bit of a walk through a very old part of town.  I stopped in a tiny museum and there was Vivi.


Here’s me as an octopus.


Vivi had told me she was hoping to have pigs ears for lunch, no octopus.  That reminded me how hungry I was, so I walked on ahead of her.  I was astounded when the restaurant I stopped at actually had pig ears on the menu.  Vivi had my contact information, but I didn’t have hers, so I couldn’t advise her to meet me here.  Happily she walked in soon after I had ordered.  She had her ears and padron peppers, while I had the traditional food, caldo gallego and pulpo – boiled octopus.  I’ve decided I only like octopus grilled!



I left to go in search of socks, completely forgetting that by now it was siesta.  I did manage to find a 24 hour pharmacy to get more bandaids for my feet.  The afternoon walk was more ups and downs, but uneventful.  I stayed with a woman who was very sweet.  She had recently redecorated the rooms in the one house – they were not Camino looking at all, which was a nice change of pace.  This was in the very small hamlet of Castañeda, which had only one bar and no restaurants or food stores.  So for dinner I walked back to the bar for dinner.  There were no seats,  but a lovely Australian couple invited me to sit with them.  The company was better than the dinner, but the dinner was acceptable.

Tomorrow is a big day.  I am excited about my next stop!

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