October 23: Elizabeth Day!

Today I walk a fairly short distance, in the dreary grey.  But to me this is a fabulous day, as I’m meeting my daughter in Salceda.  She will walk with me the next two days to Santiago ,  then we’ll do some sightseeing.  It is knowing I’ll see her today that puts a bit of  a jaunt in my step.

The first real town is Ribadiso.  Of course, there is first a climb, then another descent to the Rio Iso.  The reward is a small but lovely bridge.


From there, you guessed it,  there’s another ascent.  Again, it’s not so bad because I have a reward today.  The rest of the way is much gentler.  Which is good, because it decides to rain fairly hard after lunch.

I see Tricia, from LA, for the last time at lunch.  She seems to be terrific, and I’m sorry I probably won’t see her or Vivi again.  They’re planning on going further tonight, then arrive the next day in Santiago .

Much of today’s path winds through country lanes and dirt paths.  I actually enjoy walking in the rain.  I hope to arrive in Salceda before Elizabeth, but she beat me there by a fairly short amount of time.  The town was south of the Camino.  It was odd to be walking off trail, with no yellow arrows to guide me.

The walk through this little town seemed interminable.    Of course, walking out the next morning, it wasn’t as long as it seemed.  I finally get to the inn, and get one of the best hugs ever!



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