2 kms to go – all uphill!

My daughter,  my coach, told me I’ve got this.   I am 2/3 of the way UP!   Thank goodness there is a refuge.  Unlike most, I’ve stopped for un cafe au lait and wifi.

The weather is perfect after rain last night.  A little  cool,  clear and now sunny.   Such good fortune!  I had a soulful gaze with a beautiful cow and almost cried.  Apparently my emotions are running high.

Was so excited to see my first flock of sheep!

Elizabeth, thank you for believing in me.20160916_093409.jpg20160916_093328.jpg

St. Jean Pied de Port Sept.15

I made it to the Camino “gateway” this afternoon.   Staying in a wonderful hostel with only 4 beds in my room, 3 women, and private showers.  And we each get a locker and a little shelf with an outlet for charging.

Walked about 7 miles today, hoping that makes tomorrow’s trek up, but not all the way over, the Pyrenees easier than it seems it will be.   This town reminds me a bit of Cusco in Peru, except there are many older people.  Very hilly.  Beautiful.

Found the *best* spice shop.  It smelled so good!  On the drive in, saw signs for the “Rabbit Forest.”  I wish I knew what that is.

To sleep, for tomorrow I trek.20160915_170048_001.jpg20160915_175842_003.jpg20160915_181124_003.jpg

Biarritz – Sept. 15

20160915_094640_002Went to the sea this morning.  Wild on one side of town ; nice waves on the other.  Had a yummy breakfast, including pan au chocolate and cafe.

Took the bus to the airport to get the van to St. Jean, where I am now.   I’m the first person in my gite, so have a coveted botttom bunk in a room with only 4 beds.

Off to do some sightseeing in this very hilly medieval town.

Having trouble with the site, so only one pic.

Day 2: Exhausted and Exhilarated

20160914_103719.jpg Nothing like seeing giraffes at Heathrow airport.

So, it is almost 11 pm on Wednesday.  Travel took from 1pm Tuesday until 730 pm today:  Jax to Dallas to London to Biarritz.  This is a delightful seaside town.  The salt air smells great, and a significant thunderstorm made it seem cozy.  Very glad I am staying in town rather than at the airport, where I return tomorrow to take a van to St. Jean.  I hope to wake up early enough to sightsee a tiny bit before leaving the coast.

Met a few peregrinos on the flight to Biarritz.  I think we were all tired, nervous and excited.  I hope to see them again, but we’re all getting to our starting point different ways and at different times.

For now, stretching out on my back is luxurious!   I hope someday to fly business class when I go overseas.

I am happy, as the venture begins.


Today is the day!

I leave my home in a few hours.  I am beyond excited – some butterflies and high expectations.   I wish the flights weren’t such a slog, but much of this walk will be a slog, so this will be good practice in going with the flow.

So I’ve taken the obligatory photos of my gear, both unpacked and packed.  Wish me luck!20160913_08455220160913_093412